To the international students at the Japanese language school

To the international students at the Japanese language school,I think you will be able to go to university or vocational college after graduating from your language school. You have to choose a school where you can do what you would like to do in the future. In order not to regret selecting a school which does not fit to you, I would like to talk about the selection of school and the preparation for enrolling in school.

What do you want to do in the future?

Before considering which school you will go to after graduating your Japanese language school, firstly, you have to think about “What you would like to do in the future,” and “What kind of career you would like to pursue.” Some of you may like to work in Japan. Others may like to go back to your country and find out your job there. Or others might like to start your own company. You should have your own dream. You go to school to make your dream come true.

Without thinking about “What you would like to do in the future,” you will fail to select a good school. For example, if you would like to pursue a career as a cook, but you go to school where you learn Accounting (which is calculation of money in firms), it would be difficult to find cooking related jobs. Firstly, you have to think about “What you are eager to do in the future.”

Search schools you are interested in and gather information about them.

Once you find out “What you would like to do in the future,” you can search for schools where you would be able to accomplish your dream. For example, if you like to be a chef in the future, you can look for vocational schools for cooking. You can visit a website “” to check out various cooking vocational schools. On that website, you can ask for brochures easily, you can also consult with your instructors about schools you are interested in. In the past, there are likely to have been a lot of students who went to vocational school after their graduation. You can ask your teachers which school might suit you.

Let’s go to open campus.

Most universities or vocational schools have briefing session. This is called “open campus.” You can check out the date of open campus of each school by visiting “”. You will need a reservation to join the briefing in most schools, but you can apply for that on the website easily. First, you can start with an application for open campus. In the briefing of each school, there is an explanation about the school itself and about the entrance examination. Also, you may be able to take part in a bit of a lecture. Some schools give you a discount for the examination fee.

You have to find out what the school is really like.

If it is possible, even on a date when there is no open campus, you should visit the school you are interested in. You can take a look at the atmosphere as usual of the school. Some schools offer individual consultation and on this day, you can see the atmosphere as usual of the school. If there is a cafeteria, you will be able to visit. You can find out what the school itself looks like and what kind of students there are.

You should check out the employment rate of the school (the rate which shows the percent of students who find a full time job immediately after their graduation). What kind of companies do the students work at? Would you like to work for those companies? You can find out a list of the companies (which the alumni work at) in the school brochure. If you can’t find out the rate of finding employment, it may be better not to go to that school. There would be high probability that you wouldn’t be able to attain your dream.

Let’s prepare for going to school.

If you decide “What you would like to do in the future,” and “A school where you want to go,” you will need to do some preparation for enrolling in school. One of the most important things is to prepare for the entrance examinations. It depends on the school which subjects a test has. Firstly, most schools require you to submit the result of Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students (EJU) or Japanese Language Aptitude Test (JLPT). Some school require you to take English examination or to write a short essay. Even though there is no English test, other schools require you to turn in the score of TOEIC or TOEFL. If you want to go to a graduate school, you must send a research proposal. Probably, an interview is included in the entrance examinations. Also, each school will require a different level of achievement. Some schools require N1 level of JLPT. Others may require just N2.

The more popular a school is, the more difficult it is to get admission into the school.
However, you should not give up easily even though it is tough to get admission. You may get depressed when you can’t improve your score. But in this case you may have to change the way of studying. When you study, you have to convert “What you don’t understand.” into “What you do understand.” If you work out what you don’t understand you can work on it and your grade will improve. You have to do your best until the date of the entrance examination.

About tuition.

There may be issues to do with finance. The amount of tuition depends on each school. Even though Public schools require less tuition than private schools, the first year’s tuition fee will be more than 800,000 yen. Some private schools charge more than 1 million yen. Will you be able to prepare that much money? If not, you can look for scholarships and student loans. You can find out about them on the Internet, or you can consult with your teacher from your Japanese language school.

Firstly, you have to figure out “What you like to do in the future.” and find out “The school where you can do it.” You have to compare the pros and cons of the school you are interested in. If you decide which school you like to go to, you can start the preparation. You have to prepare for entrance examination and have to save money. It may be more difficult to study in universities or vocational schools in Japan than in your country. However, if you can overcome these difficulties, the rewards will be greater.
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